Laces, Laces, Laces…

I just love laces!  A while ago I was offered a class in heirloom sewing by my Pfaff dealer, as she knows about my passion.

Of course I could not resist and so I spent a very nice day. We used a lot of our different feet, and got to know many new ways to use them for lots and lots of different stitches.

We made a lingerie bag to have a project where we could use all that we were learning. I embellished mine with little lace flowers that I already had made earlier.

All in all it was a very nice experience.

I’m embroidering laces on my machine all the time.

I made one lace in the endless hoop that was supposed to be done in cotton thread #30, but I had only #40 at home, so I used that one instead.

I was not overly excited by the outcome, as I found it too coarse.

So I went right back and did it again this time with poly #60 and that is very much to my liking.