Having Fun With Reusable Gift Bags

I thought it might be a nice idea to have reusable gift bags. It would have a very personal touch and as an added bonus would cut down on waste. So, I had a lot of fun decorating them. I used applique designs by AS and made them into 3D flowers by having them in different sizes and stacking them up. It turned out to be a big success.

Bringing the Fall Colors Inside

Next I made myself a beautiful fall colored tablecloth. The leave design came from Elsa Goussard and the lace was from AS Embroidery again.

I made a centerpiece for my dining room table with the same leaves and a pumpkin carriage and my grandchildren were all delighted. The nice carriage came from ABC Embroidery (Anna Bove).

Sideboard Runner

OMG! I guess it’s time for me to post some work again.

How time flies when we are busy, and I have been quite busy.

But let me start in the correct order: as promised I made the sideboard runner for my friend to accompany her table cloth.

She was very pleased…

Another Dresser and Nightstand Set

This one is for myself. As my DH finished the furniture for our bedroom, I wanted something nice to dress it up, and the beautiful lace from “S-Embroideries” was just the right choice for me.

They just stitch out perfectly.

The dresser runner is further enhanced with a tone on tone design by “HIA” from the Delicate Linen Set 2.

I’m very pleased with the outcome – I’m enjoying it everyday anew.

Dresser and Night Stand Set

When my son Uli got his new bedroom furniture he asked me for a dresser and night stand set.

I showed him different designs and he ended up wanting the one I had made in our Pfaff club class, he liked the design and also the finish on the border.

He was very pleased with the outcome. It is a Pfaff design and I used the wing needle and a stitch in the CV machine to make the border.

I had learned a special technique for a perfectly mitered corner from Cathy, my Pfaff dealer, and I was amazed how easy and fast it is to have perfect results every time.

A Table Topper for a Friend

My friend was constantly in awe with my lace projects, so I offered her to make something for her new dining room set.

She gave me the fabric and we selected the Battenburg lace by AS-Embroidery. We both like the outcome a lot.

Soon I will be adding a runner for her side board. I have stitched the lace already, and will  soon be sewing  it to the fabric…

A Mega Job, Done!

Pfew! That was quite a marathon, joining three separate panels with an heirloom cutwork design, and I must say: I’m very pleased with the outcome.

I made two duvet covers the same way. The back side is just one flat piece. Now I will be working on some pillow cases with the same design, to finish off my set…

It was quite a challenge to figure out how to go about this job. But as always, I like challenges and in the end I am very satisfied with the result.